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Do you want to feel energised and cleansed?
Bio cleanse is a Technology for ‘purification and rejuvenation.’

Interested to buy a Unit? Would you like a Demo?
We have 3 options
for Natural Health PRACTITIONERS, Doctors & BEAUTY Therapists

  1. Come and trial a complementary Bio Cleanse Session, just book an appointment with us.
  2. If you cannot come to us, we may be able to send a representative to your business premises.
  3. Training is available at our special Bio Cleanse Workshops.
    See when the next one is on. You can also come for a Demo at the Training Session. Get the extra training at the same time!
    Cost $50.00 per person.
    Please contact us for further details on each option.

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Body Cleanse with Bio-Cleanse IonicTechnology - book your demo now!

feeling goodAre you wanting to improve your health? Welcome to DETOXME.CO.NZ and BIOCLEANSE.CO.NZ website.

We are the Sole Distributors of Bio-Cleanse Ionic Rife Technology in New Zealand, Australia and South Pacific Islands.

Read our story on the About Us page, which relates first-hand experience with Bio-Cleanse. What is your story? Many customers attribute feeling good after bio cleanse sessions, especially as the owner of Bio Cleanse NZ has found after completing many foot bath sessions, many positive benefits with her own health including a greater sense of energy and vitality. If you try it for yourself you can assess the difference in how you feel!

If you want to invest in a Bio-Cleanse Unit, to enable you and your family and friends to have sessions from the comfort of your own home, then this also a possible option..(see fees)

What are the benefits?

People feel lighter and more energised and have greater sense of well-being

We highly recommend Bio-Cleanse for purification and rejuvenation -
as it is suitable for all people seeking to embark on
natural alternative detox programmes.

For Private Home User Customers

Come and trial a Bio Cleanse if you are considering to Hire or Purchase a Machine. If you decide in the session you do not want to hire or purchase one immediately, the cost of the session will be $40.

Affiliate or Dealer

If you would like to become an affiliate please contact us.

We offer commissions for sales from affilates.

If you are a practitioner and purchase a bio cleanse machine you may want to become an affliliate and sell Bio Cleanse to your clients or other professionals in your city.

Research about Ion Exchange

Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 2003 for the research done by Dr Peter Agre and Dr Roderick Mackinnon.
See this link to what Leaders in Chemistry say about the Ion Exchange through membranes.

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Our Contact Details:

Biocleanse NZ Ltd
6b Montrose Terrace,
Mairangi Bay,
North shore, Auckland

Phone Nahaia for appointment on:

Phone: 09 478 8123
Fax: 09 478 8122

Opening Hours
Tuesday to Saturday
Demo Times 1 - 5pm

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